About Us

A history of success

The Synapse team has a combined 100 years of experience in contract manufacturing and product development.

The company has been operating in Canada since 1996 and maintains an office in Hong Kong to ensure seamless communications and eliminate the problems created by time zone, language, and cultural differences. This gives Synapse clients the best of both worlds, Asian supply chain & manufacturing with domestic Engineering and Program Management.

Our engineering consultancy is entirely independent; therefore, we provide impartial guidance that is always in the best interests of our clients. We do not represent any particular supplier and are free to provide the best solution, uninfluenced by interests in the equipment supply or contracting industries.

Synapse has built an impeccable reputation and a strong track record on the core principles of no compromise quality, engineering excellence and superior customer care.

You’re in good hands

The phrase “Death by a thousand cuts” aptly describes the manufacturing environment which is a closely interdependent series of chain reactions. Every step in the process has numerous opportunities for miscalculation that can surface to slow the project, or worst-case scenario, send you backwards to correct.

This is especially true in utilizing Asian resources. To the un-initiated, doing business in Asia can be a minefield that quickly punishes any misstep. The stories of Intellectual Property theft are of legend, throw in a completely different culture, unique logistical requirements such as how to book cargo flights around Chinese New Year, time zone and communication challenges, and you have a perfect storm of challenges that can derail your project or blow up the budget.

Synapse has been successfully doing business with key suppliers in Asia for over 30 years and has built the one ingredient necessary to successfully guide projects through all the various stages of sourcing, production, logistics, and supply management, trust. Without long term trusted relationships any project will encounter challenges that will inevitably be costly. Synapse is your trusted and authentic guide to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Your Engineering - Perfected